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Climate risk: what is at stakes for Europe?

Global temperature records, repeated monsoons, floods, heat waves, storms, fires... The impact of climate change was never as strong as during the last decade.

To deal with such reality due to climate change, the EU acts on two complementary directions. On the one hand, it promotes policies to reduce the impact of climate change, such as saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas, or developing renewable energy. On the other hand, the EU implements coordinated and integrated strategies in order to face the consequences of climate change at present and in the future and thus anticipate the risk. But the EU is not the only one to take into account those risks: some other actors are aware of what is at stakes and develop actions at their own scale.

In this context, the MAIF Foundation, in collaboration with the European Think Tank Pour la Solidarité and in the framework of its 20th birthday, organises a European conference on climate risk, with the objective of highlighting its European dimension and the contribution of some actors to fight it. Three round tables are planed:

• Global warming and its consequences regarding dryness and heat waves in an urban environment

• The impact of global warming in Europe and the European policies developed to fight against it

• Risk prevention and financial sector: what solutions?

This conference will be held on Wednesday, 28th of October from 9:00 to 13:00 in the European Economic and Social Committee, room VMA 3 - 2, Van Maerlant Street, 1040 Brussels.

Download publication « Europe et risques climatiques » (in French): http://www.pourlasolidarite.eu/Europe-et-risques-climatiques?lang=fr&retour=y

More information: maud.candela AT pourlasolidarite.eu


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