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Which future for the Partnership between Europe and Ukraine?

How the trial against Yulia Tymoshenko interferes with Ukraine’s association to Europe

Working paper, November 2011

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Money and the need for unnatural growth

How this out-of-control financial system is structurally unsustainable, and what this means to society and the environment.

Working Paper, October 2011

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Set up an eCampaign for the European elections: the solution?

Citizenship and participatory democracy, 2009

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Participation in European Parliament elections

Citizenship and participatory democracy, 2009

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Civil dialogue between European discourse and reality

Citizenship and participatory democratie

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Immigrant population and the labour market

Social cohesion and social economy, 2005

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A new tool to consult citizens in an intercultural environment: The Citizenship, Interculturality & Dialogue guide!

The partners of the CID (Citizenship, Interculturality & Dialogue) project are pleased to announce you the publication of a reference guide for organizations wishing to consult a multicultural and non-expert public on challenges faced by today’s societies. This tool analyses several consultation methods and draws recommendations at both national and European level in order to promote citizens’ consultation during the decision making process, as well as to reinforce the intercultural dimension of European and national legislation.

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Participatory Democracy, Civil and Social dialogues

Cahier de la Solidarite n°5, Citizenship and participatory democratie, 2004

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