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A new tool to consult citizens in an intercultural environment: The Citizenship, Interculturality & Dialogue guide!

The partners of the CID (Citizenship, Interculturality & Dialogue) project are pleased to announce you the publication of a reference guide for organizations wishing to consult a multicultural and non-expert public on challenges faced by today’s societies. This tool analyses several consultation methods and draws recommendations at both national and European level in order to promote citizens’ consultation during the decision making process, as well as to reinforce the intercultural dimension of European and national legislation.

The project contributed to create spaces for exchange & participation of all in five European countries: Belgium, France, Romania, Spain and United-Kingdom. The consultations were focused on intercultural dialogue. This concept was not only addressed as a topic itself - fight against xenophobia, segregation & discrimination - but as an educative process, questioning our way of thinking and of dealing with the difference. The notion of "dialogue" was a motto of these meetings. Even if the approaches of intercultural dialogue, the target publics and debate methods varied depending on national contexts, the objectives remained the same for all. The idea was to create an opportunity of dialogue, separated from any professional or political stake in order to get to know the Other, the one we do not meet on a daily basis and hold prejudice against.


On top of the methodological and political recommendations, this guide also describes the project frame, namely the emergence of the Intercultural Dialogue concept at European level and the European Commission Citizenship policy, as well as the different national contexts regarding intercultural issues.



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